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Arranging A Funeral

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

At Legacy, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service and the personal support we offer our clients. By choosing to use our services, you are assured the upmost care of your loved one, where dignity and respect is paramount.

We will guide you through the entire funeral planning process. Helping you to celebrate the life of a loved one in a personal and unique way. Burial or Cremation The first step in planning a funeral is to decide whether your or your loved ones’ wish is for burial or cremation. Although burial is traditional, cremation is increasingly more popular, accepted by more faiths and religions and can be significantly cheaper than burial. Religion and Beliefs In today’s diverse and multicultural society, we ensure that we can facilitate all faiths and beliefs. We liaise with local ministry, faith leaders, or non-religous officiants who will contact you to discuss your needs for the funeral service. We support them in the provision of music, orders of service, memorial portraits, donation collection and much more.

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