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Remembering Loved Ones This Christmas

The Christmas season is usually a time of celebration, family gatherings, fun and laughter. However those who have lost loved ones can find this time of year extra hard.

Help support those who grieve by simply letting them know you care how they feel. This could be done in so many ways, from an extra hug, a quick phone call, to including those who have gone in your celebrations, marking how much they are missed.

Sensitivity is always key, but for many, those who grieve find that family and friends can accidentally not mention or ask how they are feeling in case they cause more upset. Just to know that others care can help significantly.

Lighting a candle, hanging a special tree ornament, having a photo in pride of place or simply a toast for those who have passed away can help to bring us a little closer to them again.

Wishing you all have a great Christmas and New Year!

Rob @ Legacy Funeral Directors

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